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In 2010 I co-founded the ArtSci Salon consisting of a series of presentations and interactive demonstrations featuring two or more members of the scientific and the artistic community. The events are typically two hours long (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm). Our guests deliver short presentations on a proposed topic and later engage in a discussion that highlights points of connections and/or divergences.

ArtSci Salon is sponsored by Ontario Arts Council and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. ArtSci Salon is a member of Leonardo Network/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST).



Based on the demographic, the requisites, and the interests of our members, our goals are:

  1.  To facilitate respectful dialogue and a forum of discussion and cross-pollination between science, technology and the arts. Specifically, ArtSci Salon responds to a growing expansion in the GTA of a community of scientists and interdisciplinary and media artists, seeking new dialogues and collaborations across disciplines.
  2.  To provide outreach opportunities for local and international innovative research projects in the Sciences and in the Arts.
  3. To foster critical dialogue on topics and concerns shared by the sciences and the arts. This is an important aspect informing our programming, as we try to think past the excitement generated by state-of-the-arts technologies and scientific innovation.


Since 2010, ArtSci Salon has offered a needed outlet for debate across disciplines to complement the programming of the Subtle Technologies Festival. The series has now become autonomous and has started to formulate its own programming to expand its activities. To this end, and thanks to a grant from York University, we have recently redesigned our website in order to accommodate a database of artists and scientists working at the intersection of disciplines, and an archive containing recording of past events and other outreach material.

In addition, we recently joined the Leonardo Network/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST), an organization that serves the global network of scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through programs focused on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation. Thanks to this membership, we were able to advertise and disseminate a number of our events internationally under the title of LASER Toronto. At the moment, two of our talks have been advertised as “ArtSci Salon/LASER Toronto” events, and are being streamed and archived them on our website.

Between April 2014 and March 2015, ArtSciSalon produced seven events, with an audience ranging between 15 and 50 (depending on the topic and the Art/science/industry communities we were able to reach with promotion). Our events featured a rich variety of discussions on current topics such as food and ecology, synthetic biology, digital fabrication and design, cancer and big data, adaptive technologies, and textiles and computing. Given the constant interest that our events have generated, we are thrilled to have our tenure at Fields renewed for one more year.

Below is a list of the events organized at Fields between 2014 and 2016


May 4: #Sciart. The lab, the studio, the kitchen, the garage. With Nicole Clouston (bioartist) and Jasmine Alkin (molecular biologist)

Mar. 30: Beyond Playing: Art-infused games, game-infused art, and disability. With Cindy Poremba (game designer and multimedia artist), Anna Lew, and Martin Shook (Designers)

Jan 29: Of maps, Territories and Emerging Patterns. With Kari Dalnoki-Veress (Physicist) and the ArtSci Salon-istas




Dec 3: Icicles Music. With Fareena Chanda (interdisciplinary artist), Jimmie LeBlanc (composer) and Stephen Morris (physicist)

Nov 19: Data Imaginaries. With Graham Wakefield, Haru Ji (trans-artists) and Chris Collins (computer scientist)

Nov. 11: Revealing Neutrinos. With Mark-David Hosale (computational artist) and James Madsen (physicist)

Sept. 24: Make, Do, Think: new forms of literacy to make sense of the world. With Sylvia Adamcik (interdisciplinary artist) and Antonio Gamba-Bari (maker and social scientist)

Apr. 10: From Nature: Exploring Biomorphic Generative Design. With Jessica Rosenkrantz,
Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, a.k.a. Nervous System (Boston, USA), and Stephen Morris

Mar. 12: BEEing Biodiverse and the Art of Spying on Bees. With Sarah Peebles and Laurence
Packer (York University)

Feb. 26: Fibers, Textures and Textiles. With Kathryn Walter (felt artist), Meghan Price (textile
artist, OCADU), and Rubaiat Habib (computer scientist, Graphic Artist, University of Toronto,

Jan 28: Assistive/Adaptive Technologies. With Adriana Ieraci – DKMI University of Toronto
Rosalie Wang (IATSL, University of Toronto), ginger coons (Critical Making Lab, University of
Toronto), Ann Heesters (Chair, Bioethics, UHN)

Jan 22: BioHackathon – An interdisciplinary brainstorming session co-presented by iGEM
and ArtSci Salon


Sept. 25: Plant. Grow. Harvest. Repeat. With Amanda White, Michelle Coyne, Amy Symington,
Candace Rampert

July 21: Open Source Cancer: Hackers and Biodigital Rituals of Sharing. With Alessandro
Delfanti, Eric Cazdyn, Irene Healey, Dolores Steinman

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