On Dec 6-8, 2012, I attended Mutamorphosis II, an event in which I participated as a curator of the thematic stream “Beyond Uncertainty” and as a speaker and performer in the session “Beyond Disciplinary Guidelines” .

“Beyond Uncertainty” panel with Mike Phillips, Laura Beloff, Alexander Cetkovic, Tyng Shiu Yap,
“Beyond Disciplinary Guidelines” performance and talk with Ildiko Meny, myself, Lucas Evers,

A picture from the three-day Nomadic Science Biohacklab organized by Marc Dusseiller (Hackteria) and Denisa Kera, featuring Zac Denfer and Cat Kramer (Center for genomic Gastronomy), Brian Dagger (Biohacklab Newcastle) and Maria Joao Grondinho. The lab was titled Extreme Metabolic Interactions: Cooking for Apocalypse