Articles in Refereed Journals

2023        (Under Review) Seeds and plants smuggling as a work of memory and accountability. Italian Canadiana, special issue on Domestic Goods. Silence speaks in our objects, clothing, keepsakes, and interiors.

2021        All Models are wrong, but some are useful: mathematical models at the time of COVID 19. Punctum. International Journal of Semiotics. Special Issue on Semiotics of Contagion: Models and Media in a Synergistic Epidemic (7)1

2020        – Triage culture: on losing and (re)gaining trust at the time of COVID19. TOPIA, Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 41.

– Innovazione e conformità nella creazione e percezione della visualizzazione scientifica dei virus (Italian trans. of “Innovation and Compliance in Making and Perceiving the Scientific Visualization of Viruses”). Liberazioni. Rivista di Critica Antispecista. No.42 Sept.21

We have always done it wrong: the city as complex network, superorganism and more-than-human sentient being. An experiment in interdisciplinary [re]thinking. CITARJ Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, special issue on Consciousness Reframed (12)1.

Uncanny Convergences: Mobility and Containment in the Time of Coronavirus. TOPIA, Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. Writing in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic: From Vulnerability to Solidarity March 23.


Squatting for sciart: popup exhibitions and the practice of re-appropriating academic spaces. Antennae. The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture issue 47, Experiments.  


Beyond mapping. Seizing affective geographies in Toronto. Space and Culture (April 12)


Re-mapping life: from info-scientism to affective ecologies in medical visualization and beyond.  Approaching Religion 7(2)


“Beyond the Map: an Experiment in Affective Geography”, in Noemalab – Ideas. June 5


“The Rise of the Insect Industry. Sustainable Potential or Wasteful Accumulation”, in Tecnoscienza. Italian Journal of Science and technology Studies. 5 (2) 191-200

Viral Methodologies: beyond the myth of the object?” (article is in Italian), in “Studi culturali” 1/2015, pp. 3-28, doi: 10.1405/79440

Biolab-on-Wheels: finding a space for a DIY bio lab in Toronto”. WI. Journal of Mobile Media 9 (1)


“Innovation and Compliance in Making and Perceiving the Scientific Visualization of Viruses.” Canadian Journal Of Communication, 39(4)

Ecology and sustainability in art and science”. In Smite, R., A. Medosch and R. Smits, eds., Acoustic Space 12 – Techno-Ecologies II, 68-82

“Performing the Web: Negotiating Affect and Online Aesthetics.” Journal of AESTHETICS & CULTURE 6 (1)

with Gary Genosko. “Putting Penises under the Microscope. Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s Museum of Reproductive Morphology” in Invisible Culture (IVC) 20 – Ecologies


“Representing the Microscopic: New Ecological Thinking in Art and Science.” Artnodes 0 (13).In English and Spanish

“Viral Methodologies: Beyond Uncertainty” Mutamorphosis Conference, Dec. 6-8, 2012, Prague CZ

with Marco Mancuso. Digicult Journal Issue 74 – Uncertainty Reloaded

With Cultural Workers Organize: Messages of Rupture: An Interview with Emanuele Braga, in Scapegoat, Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy. Currency 4.Winter, 179-187

Microscopic transformations: scientific visualization, biopower, and the arts” in ISEA 2011, Symposium Proceedings, Istanbul, 14-21 September. Leonardo Almanac 18


with Gary Genosko. “Little Brother Breaks the Fifth Commandment: Antonio Negri’s Introduction to Jerry Rubin’s Growing (Up) at Thirty Seven” Cultural Studies 26.6, 934-955


with Alessandra Renzi. Activism beyond the Interface: notes on an itinerant production lab, in Digital Event ‘11- Subversive Technologies (, Catalogue of the Event, Curated by Arlan Londoño, with Gabriel Roldos and Federica Matelli, Sept.15-Oct.2, Toronto Free Gallery (np)

Mocking the arts establishment? In Italy it can be an expensive ordeal…” Furtherfield, June 16


Creative Tactics and Union Politics. Learning from the York University Strike” in Benton, M., A. Clinton, W. Houp and D. Mayer, eds., Reconstruction 10.3 – Inventions of Activism
Biopolitical Ambiguity” in Semiotics Review of Books 19.2, 10-12

The Indeterminacy of Viruses” in Semiotics Review of Books 19.1-2, 1-4

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“Marginal thoughts on viral networks” in KIT Collaboration & Robert Saucier, eds., Infrasense and Virutorium: viral projects by the Kit collaboration and Robert Saucier. Manchester: Thirdsound Press, 102-112

Simulation versus Object or rather a process of hybridization?” D’ARS Dec 2010, 40-44
“Visual Dilemmas: When Scientific and Information Visualization Converge” Report. Noemalab Ideas


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Eat ‘Em and Smile” Exhibition Catalogue, in Eat ‘Em and Smile, Kathleen Hearn’s solo exhibition, YYZ gallery, Oct. 25


Visualizing as Exorcism: Learning from Viruses.” in ISEA 2008, Symposium Proceedings, Singapore, 25 July-3 August, 85-86


Unravelling the Skein: of Viruses and Knitting as Activist Practice” in Public 31, special issue Digital Poetics and Politics (n.p. issue published online and on CD-ROM

Marginal networks: the virus between complexity and suppression” in Fibreculture 2. – Contagion and the Diseases of Information

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