The Varsity approached me to do an interview on my approach to art and science collaborations. the article features my adventure with the Cabinet Project, the first in a series of quite enticing and rather adventurous curatorial experiments.

I am very happy that Tiffany Lieu, the Varsity reporter, quoted me here:

In the present day, Buiani has focused her achievements toward her projects at the University of Toronto. “The type of work that I have been doing at the university is divided evenly between research and creation, curatorial work and teaching, [although] the university does not recognize officially the first two,” she said.

“I am fascinated by the way conventions and routine have made us absolutely unable to think outside the box and to imagine things beyond their so-called default uses,” Buiani continued. “Much of my work tries to change this.”

She said that boredom and routine have generated her desire to bring something new and innovative like ArtSci Salon into the Toronto community.

here is a link to the excellent article