The University is Ours! is a conference organized by the North-American members of the Edufactory collective.
The conference addressed the current crisis and the corporatization of postsecondary education. themes included:
– mapping the terrain of campus struggle in Canada and North America
– connecting with and learning from global struggles
– waged and unwaged labour in the university
– abolition of student debt
– the university and the occupy movement
– the cultural politics of the neoliberal university
– the death of the humanities
– militarization of the university
– intersections of university struggles other fights against oppression
– environmental justice
– beyond public education
– radical pedagogy
– academic freedom
– the politics of research funding
– the economics of the neoliberal university
– university and student governance
– the undergraduate experience of neoliberalism
– alternative/free/autonomous universities
– organizing the education factory
– the suppression of on-campus dissent and organization

I was part of the organizing committee with Alison Hearn, √Člise Thorburn and Enda Brophy